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Dinosaur train
1st Season, Episode 74th
Episode List
Train Trouble
Dad's Day Out
The Amazing Michelinoceras Brothers is the 75th episode of the dinosaur train.


The Pteranodon family travels deep underwater on the Dinosaur Train to view two backwards-bounding brothers named Max and Mitch Michelinoceras. The kids are delighted to see that Max and Mitch put on a synchronized swimming show.


Main Characters

Second Characters

Minor Characters




  • Cretaceous Period
  • Triassic Period

Educational Objective

Carnivores come in many shapes and sizes. Some don’t even have back bones! Michelinoceras comes from a long line of squid-like nautiloids that lived before the dinosaurs and long after most of the dinosaurs went extinct. It lived in the Triassic seas, where it was a major predator.

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