Dinosaur train
2nd Season, Episode 85th
Episode List
Dinosaur Big City Part 4
Get Into Nature!

Stargazing on the Night Train is the 85th episode of the dinosaur train.


The Pteranodon family rides a special "Night Train" to another part of the Cretaceous Time Period, where they meet a Troodontid "cousin" of the Conductor's, Sydney Sinovenator, who knows more about the stars than anyone. Sidney takes the family up to his favourite stargazing spot, "Starry Hill," and teaches the kids why the stars seem to move across the night sky.


Major Characters

Second Characters




  • Cretaceous Period

Educational Objective

The stars we see in the night sky are actually suns like our own sun, but they appear to us as tiny pinpoints of light because they are so far away from us. The stars we see in the night sky change over the course of the night, because the earth rotates as it travels around the sun.

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