Meaning Spine Lizard
Height 41 to 59 feet
Weight 7 to 20.9 tons
Species Dinosaur
Home The Great Misty Sea, Africa
Time Cretaceous Period
Family Spinosaur
Diet Carnivore- Fish

Spinosaurus is a giant carnivorous (meat-eating) dinosaur lived in Africa during the Cretaceous. It had a long snout and tall spines along its back. It can swim like a crocodile and stand still for long periods of time in the water hunting for fish. It can use its thick sail to collect help it swim, for display, and possibly for thermoregulation (controlling the temperature of it's body)

It was semi-quadrupedal, meaning it walked mostly on two legs, but if needed, can go on all four. It mostly ate fish. It had very long arms and claws that could reach the ground if needed. Spinosaurus was similar to a thresher shark with it's tail, having a tail fluke (the end of the tail of an whale). that could be used for helping it swim, hording fish, and self-defense. It was mainly piscivorous (fish-eating), but it could eat things other than fish, such as pterosaurs.

The most famous of the Spinosaurus is the Old Spinosaurus.


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