Dinosaur train
1st Season, Episode 36th
Episode List
The Burrowers
King Cryolophosaurus

Shiny's Sea Shells is the 36th episode of dinosaur train.


The whole Pteranodon family has fun celebrating Mom's favorite holiday, Winter Solstice. Shiny, with help from Buddy, Tiny and Don, looks for the shiniest sea shells she can find, but ends up making a new friend named Henry, a hermit crab who lives in his own shell on the beach at the Big Pond.


Main Characters

Second Characters

Minor Characters




  • Cretaceous Period

Educational Objective

Just as today, a great variety of shelled sea creatures lived in the oceans during the Age of Dinosaurs. To provide their bodies with structure, and protect their internal organs from damage, many of these animals have exoskeletons or like the hermit crab “borrowed” their shells for protection.

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