The Big Pond
The Big Pond
Location Western North America
Time Cretaceous Period
Inhabitants Styracosaurus, Alamosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Daspletosaurus, Troodon, Hesperornis, Palaeobatrachus and Adocus
The Big Pond(El Gran Estanque in spain) is just down the coast fromPteranodon Terrance. It is a big water hole, full of fish. It is located in the Cretaceous Period on the coast of the Western Interior Sea. Local dinosaurs are the StyracosaurusAlamosaurus and Euoplocephalus, and Adocus. The waters are home to the water bird Hesperornis and Prehistoric frog Palaeobatrachus. Surrounding forest is home to a varity of flowers, plants, bees and dragonflies. It is home to Henry the Hermit Crab. Other creatures live in the water such as the ammonite.

The Big Pond also home to Daspletosaurus and Fossil Fred, however it is unknown what species Fred is and is possible that his species is extinct as it could be from the Jurassic.

The Big Pond is the Pternadon Family's favorite fishing spot and playground. Shiny often finds shiny shells along it's beach. Other dinosaur families visit the big family including TroodonMaiasaura, and Triceratops.



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