Meaning Egg Taker
Height 6-8 feet long
Weight 55-76 pounds
Species Dinosaur
Home Pteranodon Terrance, Western North America (temp)
Time Cretaceous
Family Oviraptoridae
Diet Omnivore
Oviraptor is a species of Oviraptorid from Asia. It was a small omnivorous dinosaur that ate both plants and animals, and possibly eggs. It had a sharp beak and feathered covered body. When Oviraptor was first discovered it was thought that the eggs it was found on were Protoceratop eggs, but later it was discovered that the eggs were Oviraptor eggs. Making them good moms, they perch on their nest to protect their eggs from the elements. The most notable Oviraptor is Olivia and her hatchlings.


  • Olivia

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