Oren and Ollie 1
Oren and Ollie are super fast twins they live with there mom in Ornithomimus Corner Station. They speak fast and move fast. They are very polite to all the dinosaurs and will say hello to each character at fast speeds. They are omnivores and needs to eat allot to keep up there high rate of speed. They only be tired out once so far in the series.


Oren has no spots on his beak and have a pair of green feathers on its head. He also has a greenish blue beak.


Ollie has light blue spots on his beak and a dark blue feather on his head. He has a dark blue beak.


  • In "Classic in the Jurassic: Turtle and Theropod Race", Ollie notes that he and his brother never go anywhere without each other. This is evident in every episode that the twins appear in.

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