Dinosaur Train InterAction figures are talking toys of iconic Dinosaur Train characters. These toys are unique in the fact that when you have more than one figure together, the toys will 'interact' with one another by having conversations with each other. On their own individually, they will say a few various phrases. Some are able to open their jaws by pressing a button, this is mostly the theropod type figures like King Cryolophosaurus and Mr. Conductor Troodon. Each figure is advertised at the lowest having over 40 phrases and the highest at 110 phrases. To hear ALL the phrases, you need to have the other InterAction toys to do so as some phrases can only be heard by using specific figures. All the figures recognise each other by calling out their Dinosaur Train friend's names. Almost all the toys have their own unique features, for example, Tank Triceratops has a head butting feature with crashing sounds, Morris Stegosaurus has a tail that can thrash about with whipping sounds, etc. There is also a subtype of these InterAction toys, called Extreme InterAction figures which have increased mobility. For example, Arnie Argentinosaurus walks and rears up on his hind legs on his own, Alvin Allosaurus jumps, etc. Below is a complete list of all the currently available figures in alphabetical order:

  • Alvin Allosaurus
  • Arnie Argentinosaurus
  • Boris Tyrannosaurus
  • Buddy Tyrannosaurus
  • Derek Deinonychus
  • Don Pteranodon
  • Hank Ankylosaurus
  • King Cryolophosaurus
  • Keenan Chirostenotes
  • Mayor Kosmoceratops
  • Morris Stegosaurus
  • Mr. Cretoxyrhina
  • Mr. Conductor Troodon
  • Mr. Quetzalcoatlus
  • Ned Brachiosaurus
  • Old Spinosaurus
  • Shiny Pteranodon
  • Sonny Sauroposeidon
  • Tank Triceratops
  • Tiny Pteranodon


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