I'm A T-Rex

I'm A T-Rex — song, sing Buddy in a episode of I'm a T.Rex!.


I used to wonder who I was.
Why this tail, and teeth and claws?
But now I know. I've got a plan.
Guess what kind of species I am!
T-Rex. ROAR! I'am a Tyrannosaurus.
I'm the biggest carnivore in the Cretaceous forrest.
Gonna grow some giant legs. Gonna grow enormous feet.
Gonna stomp around and gnash my teeth.
And eat! And eat! And eat!
Tyrannosaurus love to eat.
The thing we love to eat is meat.
My nose powerful, so they say.
I can smell my food from a mile away.
I'm gonna be as tall as a tree.
I'm gonna roar 'til your ears get sore.
I'm gonna grow up big and strong,
But I guess my arms won't get too long.
'Cause I'm a T-Rex. Yeah! I'm a T-Rex!
A-roarin' round the forest.
Tyrannosaurus Rex!
T-Rex! ROAR! I'm Tyrannosaurus.
I'm the biggest carnivore In the Cretaceous forest.
Gonna romp and stomp around.
The biggest dinosaur in town!
A-roarin' round the forest.
Tyrannosaurus Rex! ROAR!

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