Dinosaur, Birds, Marine Reptiles, Anphibean, Fish, and Reptile

African Savannah Station, Allosaurus Forest Station, Amargasaurus Acres, Ankylosaurus Acres Station, Archaeopteryx Lagoon Station, Argentinosaurus Plains Station, Brachiosaurus Garden, Confuciusornis Garden Station, Corythosaurus Canyon, Cretoxyrhina Coral Station, Cryolophsaurus Crest Station, Deinonychus Depot Station, Desert Sand Station, Einiosaurus Plains Station, Elasmosaurus Reef Station, Eoraptor Ravine, Giganotosaurus Junction, Iguanodon Inlet Station, Kentrosaurus Savannah, Lesothosaurus Landing Train Station, Masiakasaurus Meadow Station, Microraptor Mountain Station, Mitchelinoceras Mollusk Station, North Pole Station, Ornithomimus Corner Station, Oryctodromeus Oasis, Peteinosaurus Flight Station, Pleasant Planes, Pliosaurus Pool, Proganochelys Place Station, Pteranodon Terrance, Quadruped Corners, Quetzalcoatlus Canyon Station, Rexville Station, Stegosaurus Forest Station, The Big Misty Sea, The Big Pond, Therizinosaurus Ticket Station, Triceratops Trail Station, Troodon Town Station, Valley of Stygimolochs Station, Velociraptor Valley Station and Volcano Valley Station.

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