Dinosaur train
1st Season, Episode 40th
Episode List
The Old Bird
Dinosaur Camouflage
Diamond Don is the 40th episode of dinosaur train.


Shiny and Don stay at home and we get to see that just because they don't always ride with Buddy and Tiny on the Dinosaur Train doesn't mean that they are not having fun. An adventure into a local caves leads to a marvelous and brilliant discovery.


Main Characters

Second Characters




  • Cretaceous Period

Educational Objective

Virtually all the same diamonds and gems that we know of today were also present in during the Mesozoic. The type of minerals that are present during their formation will give each gemstone its particular color.


  • This is the first episode where Buddy, Tiny, and Mrs. Pteranodon are not the main episode characters.
  • This is the first episode where Shiny, Don, and Mr. Pteranodon are the main episode characters.

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