Dinosaur train
1st Season, Episode 70th
Episode List
The Good Mom
Elmer Elasmosaurus
Diamond Anniversary is the 70th episode of the dinosaur train.


Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon decide to surprise each other with gifts on their anniversary. Despite some close calls, the kids help each of them to keep their gifts a secret until the perfect moment when the whole family can celebrate.


Main Characters




  • Cretaceous Period

Educational Objective

We learn about how caves (especially sea caves are formed.) We learn that nothing is permanent, even rock. Along the world’s coasts, wave action can cause the formation of remarkable sea caves which literally erode away the rock. Dealing with the misconception about the permanence or rock is a great misconception to deal with for a pre-K audience. Also, not all caves have stalagmites and stalactites.

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